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Jim Reed, 89 year-old veteran of World War II Atlantic Convoys, has dedicated his time and own money to researching what happened to hundreds of boy seamen, who lost their lives serving in the Royal Navy. What he has achieved is remarkable in it’s own quiet way. It is testament to his determination to put right an injustice to the long forgotten youths. For the full story and to donate to his cause, please click this link to 534 Boy Sailors Killed In Action.


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Living Memories – People’s History . People  from  Portsmouth, Hampshire, and West Sussex. Everyone has a story to tell, even people who have lived what he or she thinks of as an unremarkable life. There is no such thing as ‘ordinary’ and everyone’s life experiences are different. When looking back on the past, today’s generation are fascinated by how their ancestors lived. What  is  not valued   during  a  lifetime  becomes valued  with the passing of  the years and with recognition of achievements. With the pace of change accelerating, this  fascination is  increasing. 

 I have recorded the lives of many  people in the South. Men like the underage sailor who joined the navy in Portsmouth  and later witnessed first-hand the Russian Revolution and the first Falklands War. Women like the World War 1 Clippie on the Portsmouth Trams  who was forced to leave her job when it was reclaimed by a man who came home from the war. 

 To read more on these peoples’ history click here.

 To start a community history and arts  project or to record you living memories  to pass onto your family, please see my Oral History page. Your memories – the most personal legacy you can leave.

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One of my specialisms is Oral History, which is a tool for recording family history, peoples’ history and social history.  To learn more please see the Oral History page.

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